Stassi Schroeder spoke of the Me Too movement on her podcast show, Straight Up With Stassi, at the end of last week and this week. After the episode was promptly deleted, a transcript from the taping hit the web.

Following a number of apologies shared by the Vanderpump Rules star on her social media pages, All About the Real Housewives released a detailed transcript of exactly what Schroeder and her podcast guest host, Jennifer Hoffner, said during the show.

“A lot of them are more than willing to go to that hotel room. I’m sorry, no one can make me s**k someone’s ****. I don’t understand," Schroeder said.

"My opinion on a lot of these…there are ways to get out of it. It’s the easiest thing to just be like no no no. But I’ve been reading all these stories of women who they were making out with this person and then they were forced to go **** on him. That sounds like he thought you liked it right because you were making out with him but now years later when it’s now a trend to say #metoo you’re going to come out and say that you were sexually assaulted because you felt embarrassed that you did that,” she continued.

After the podcast was shared, Schroeder faced an immense amount of backlash on Twitter and quickly deleted the podcast episode altogether. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to avoid several of her advertisers, including Rent the Runway, Simple Contacts, and Framebridge, from pulling their ads from all of her future shows.

All About the Real Housewives claimed to have been able to listen to the episode thanks to Chelsea C. from the Adderall & Compliments Kittens Facebook group.

Schroeder went on to tell her listeners that she found it easy to avoid being sexually harassed, explaining that she simply doesn't go to people's hotel rooms late at night, nor does she do anything with someone that she doesn't want to do.

While Schroeder claims her comments were taken out of context and apologized for her statements on multiple occasions, none of her advertisers have come forward to say that they are open to reinstating their advertisements.

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