Dr. Jackie Walters has opened up about her current status with her husband, Curtis Berry. The star of Bravo’s Married to Medicine said she was shaken when photos of Berry and another woman circulated on the internet.

Dr. Jackie Takes Time Away From Husband

Walters spoke with the network’s The Daily Dish blog and revealed that she and Berry are still spending time apart. She said she filed for divorce just three days after the snapshots went viral but have been unable to resolve yet if she wants to stay or go.

In the meantime, she and Berry are giving one another their own space, considering they have to relive the entire ordeal as it airs on television just months after they experienced it in reality.

“What sustains me and what has kept me afloat during this process is one, is just having space,” said Walters. “For Curtis and myself, we needed time apart to figure out how to heal.”

Walters also credited her relationship with God and prayer for giving her peace during this tough time.

Dr. Jackie Protects Her Husband?

Interestingly enough, Walters said while she has depended on support from her close ones, she steered away from speaking about it too freely with her family members. She said she simply does not want to paint Berry in a bad light, no matter what the future may hold for them.

“…Inviting my family members into this craziness, I’ve tried not to because whether I stay or go, I still want my family to be a place where they can still love and respect Curtis, whether it’s with his new wife or whether it’s with me.”

Still, she has opened up to her friends and co-stars of the series about her marital woes with Berry.

She Still Has Hope

She also added that her previous battles with beating breast cancer twice are proof that she knows she will get through this as she looks at the solution and not the issue. She compared the situation to a heartbeat that goes up and down. Walters indicated that just as this situation seemed to take a dive, it will recover for the better.

Still, it’s not clear if Walters will get back up with Berry or choose to move on with her life as a single woman.

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