Jackie Walters of Married to Medicine has received mixed reactions from fans after her husband, Curtis Berry, was caught having an affair with another woman.

Interestingly enough, Walter’s co-star, Toya Bush-Harris, has spoken out and confessed she believes Walters played a part in Berry seeking love outside of their marriage.

Toya Bush-Harris Goes Off On Jackie Walters' Husband Infidelity

Bush-Harris got candid and said that Berry’s infidelity should not have been a surprise to fans or even Walters. She pointed out that Berry never shied away from expressing marital woes in previous seasons of the popular show.

“Every season he would go on national TV crying and begging for her attention and personal time,” said Bush-Harris during an interview with The Grio recently. “At the end of the day if you made a vow to this man, you’re supposed to be there. You know what it takes to nourish your marriage.”

According to Bush-Harris, Walters was more concerned with traveling to Paris, France without Berry. She called out Walters for taking trips solo and said Walters should have been more guarded when it came to her union with Berry. Bush-Harris also said Walters’ status as a famous physician should not have played a part in whether she catered to her husband.

Toya Bush-Harris Runs Down Her Opinion Of Jackie Walters' Wifely Duties

“Jackie is a woman of God. Let’s be clear. In the Bible, it doesn’t say anything about who makes the most money. It talks about the man being the head and pretty much we are the neck.”

She said that Walters should have set her marriage as the top priority on her list of things to do, not her job or ability to bring in the big bucks as a doctor. Bush-Harris said Walters refused to hear her husband’s needs and cries, thus, he went outside of the marriage to another woman.

Interestingly enough, Bush-Harris also said that despite Walters’ inability to see her husband’s alleged needs, that doesn’t give Berry an excuse to be unfaithful. Instead, she said Walters could have done things differently to prevent it in the first place.

It’s not clear what Walters plans are in moving forward with the marriage. But she did file for divorce three days after photos of Berry and the other woman getting extremely close hit the Internet. Still, she said on the show that the papers are sitting at the courthouse until she decides if she really wants to end her marriage.

Married to Medicine airs on Bravo Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern or 7 p.m. Central time.