Beauty Vlogger Experiments With Her Hair, Decides To Perm Her Hair Twice

How far would a woman go to get super sleek, straight edges? Hopefully, not this far.

Gigi Beauty, a beauty vlogger, decided to perm her hair twice in one day. Unfortunately, the results weren't too nice. In the YouTube video, Gigi continuously laughed at her results. The vlogger also showed funny memes to make light of the situation.

When she finally revealed the results of the perm experiment, it showed that her hair was severely damaged by the harsh chemicals.

In a YouTube video, the vlogger explained that this was just an experiment and that she was always intending on shaving all of her hair off and starting all over.

After showing her results, Gigi started the process of shaving her hair off. Luckily, she looks amazing with a short haircut.

Perms And Dyes Gone Wrong

This isn't Gigi's first time experimenting with her hair. In March 2017, the vlogger decided to bleach her hair and dye it blonde.

"Everyone told me don't do it. I didn't listen, but my hair didn't fall out," Gigi stated.

Gigi isn't the only YouTuber that has decided to take risks with relaxers. Beauty vloggers, Judith Kryztals and Lorissa Turner have also subjected their hair to the severe effects that relaxers have on natural hair.

Kryztals stated that after relaxing her hair several times she started to notice that the ends of her hair were really damaged.

Turner's experience was much worse than Kryztals. Turner told her subscribers, she had to cut off all of her hair because she decided to use a product called Protectiv Relax & Refresh Relaxer Plus Color.

"I noticed my hair was still the same color and started to come out in strands," Turner said.

Proctectiv Relax & Refresh Relaxer Plus Color helps to prevent breakage, split-ends, and dryness while providing hair with beautiful color and highlights.

"I tried several protein treatments, everything under the sun and nothing revived my hair," Turner continued.

It's definitely safe to say that overexposure to strong chemicals is a no, no! Don't try this at home or ever for that matter.

"I always had a fear of perms. I knew relaxers were nothing to play with," Gigi elaborated.

To see the full of video of Gigi Beauty's perm experiment check out the full clip below.

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