Chanel West Coast Talks New Album, 'Eveywhere We Go' Inspiration [Exclusive]


Chanel West Coast may be best known for her role in MTV's Ridiculousness, but she's also a successful musician.

On the heels of the release of her latest single, "Everywhere We Go," Chanel West Coast opened up to Enstarz, revealing how she juggles her busy career in television with her music endeavors and dishing on a potential future fashion line.

Enstars: How do you balance your shows with your upcoming album?
Chanel West Coast: Especially when you are on shows and people tend to not take people as seriously as artists on TV shows... I’m not sure why, but I feel like it makes you want to go harder with your music. It actually inspires me more. It inspires me to write more. Especially when an episode comes out and I’ve said something stupid and I have people picking on me about it. Those types of moments inspire me to go harder and work harder on my music. I think it is a really good thing.

What was the inspiration behind “Everywhere We Go”?
I was in the studio and I heard the beat and I just kind of started re-styling the melody and that’s how it happened. I just went into the booth and it just happened!

If you had your own fashion line or collection, what pieces would be included?
I definitely take time to pick out my outfits. I’m usually a little crazier with my outfits if it is for performances or photo shoots or video shoot. In my day-to-day life, I dress a little more chill. Especially my performance outfits might make people think I’m, I don’t know, a hooker walking down the street or something [laughing]. I’ve always been really into fashion and what I wear. I really like playing around and being different.

How would you describe it?
I would definitely go with the “West Coast” because the whole west coast lifestyle is huge all around the world. I went to Scotland, for example, and they had a store called “West Coast.” So, I think my line would definitely embody everything you think about with the west coast. I want to do bikinis, beachwear, and skater-girl streetwear. I think later down the line, I would like to do a high fashion line but I think I would start off with a west coast chill vibe-type clothing line.

To hear more from Chanel West Coast, don't miss new episodes of Ridiculousness on MTV on Friday nights at 10 p.m. and download her latest single, "Everywhere We Go," on iTunes.

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