Dustin Hoffman Faces Another Accusation That Says He Exposed Himself To A Minor, Assaulted 2 Women

More sexual misconduct allegations against Dustin Hoffman has come to light.

In a new report, three women have accused the two-time Academy Award winner of sexual harassment. One of the accusers claimed that the actor exposed himself to her when she was a minor.

Taking Advantage

Cori Thomas was friends with Hoffman's daughter, Karina, when she was 16. In a story she recounted to Variety, the accuser said that the actor brought her to his hotel room while she waited for her parents to come pick her up after spending the day with the actor and his daughter.

"I was just sitting there waiting for my parents," Thomas stated. "He came out of the bathroom with a towel at first wrapped around him, which he dropped. He was standing there naked."

When he eventually put on a robe, he sat on the bed beside her and asked to massage his feet. Not knowing what to do, she complied.

Hoffman also allegedly asked her if she wants to see him naked and made other suggestive comments.

Another accuser, Melissa Kester, was fresh out of college when she met the The Graduate star. While working on the movie Ishtar, she claims that the actor stuck his finger down her pants.

"He put his fingers inside me," she recalled. Kester, who was with a few others, including her boyfriend at the time, tried not to react. As soon as she was able to pull away, she ran to the bathroom, crying. Hoffman just laughed after the encounter.

A third accuser who refused to be named shared that the actor assaulted her inside a moving vehicle. After the wrap party for Ishtar, she and Hoffman got into the back of a station wagon.

"There are people inches from us," she revealed. "And he just took his hand and stuck his fingers right up inside of me."

She also said that she had subsequent consensual sexual encounters with the actor.

A First Of Many

Last month, Anna Graham Hunter accused the 80-year-old of sexual harassment. She was 17 years old at the time of the incident and was working as an intern on the set of Death of a Salesman in 1985.

She recounted to The Hollywood Reporter that he was openly flirtatious. He asked her to give her a foot massage and even grabbed her butt. He also made sexually suggestive comments in her presence.

Actress Kathryn Rossetter, who starred with Hoffman in Death of a Salesman, revealed that she was repeatedly assaulted. She said that her co-star groped her breasts and touched the inside of her thighs while filming.

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