Rupert Murdoch Calls Sexual Harassment Issues At Fox News 'Nonsense,' And The Staff Isn't Happy

Former and current employees of Fox News are livid after Rupert Murdoch dismissed claims of sexual misconduct against network executives. 

Media Mogul Downplays Sexual Harassment Allegations

On Thursday (Dec. 14), the media mogul commented on the multiple sexual harassment allegations made against three of the network's most prominent figures. In an interview, Murdoch insisted that the network conducted its own investigation and found that, while there is credibility in the complaints, these were isolated cases. 

"It's all nonsense," says Murdoch when asked how the allegations have affected the network. "There was a problem with our chief executive, over the year, isolated incidents." 

Moreover, the 86-year-old claims that the issue of sexual misconduct is being used against the network because of its political stance. 

"That was largely political because we are conservative," he adds. "The liberals are going down the drain. NBC is in deep trouble."

Murdoch cited the $52 billion Disney deal as proof that the sexual allegations have no effect on his business. The recent buyout does not include Fox News. 

Over the past couple of years, several major players within Fox News were ousted over sexual harassment complaints. Network founder, Roger Ailes, was notorious for sexual misconduct. Several women, including television personalities and models, accused the chief executive of making unwanted sexual advances. 

Bill O'Reilly, a popular host from the network, was fired this year after a report by The New York Times exposed previous misdemeanors and consequent payouts amounting to $13 million. The women who either worked with him or appeared on his show claimed that the political commentator made lewd comments, unwanted sexual advances, and phone calls that sounded like O'Reilly was masturbating. 

More recently, Bill Shine, co-president of the news network, had to step down earlier this year after he was criticized for mishandling sexual harassment complaints against Ailes and O'Reilly. 

Women Of Fox News Disappointed Over Founder's Comments

The Huffington Post reached out to current and former female employees at Fox News. The respondents say that they are disgusted by Murdoch's dismissal of the scandals that rocked the network for the past year.

An on-air talent says she had to endure a toxic work culture for years, adding that she is "hungry for justice." Another woman is threatening the executive that they will go public with the truth and expose the remaining figures who are still employed by the network despite their misconduct. 

The women refuse to be named either because they are still working at Fox News or they were made to sign non-disclosure agreements when they left the company. 

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