Barack Obama Jokes Around With Prince Harry, And The Internet Goes Crazy

Former President Barack Obama and Prince Harry were seen kidding around right before an interview, and now the internet can't get enough of the two.

To no one's surprise, word quickly spread about the clip, and Twitter users are going crazy over it.

Obama, Prince Harry Bromance

Bromances are a big deal in TV and film, from Troy and Abed in Community to Turk and J.D. in Scrubs.

As expected, when two high-profile persons such as Obama and Prince Harry exhibit a budding bromance, a lot of people are bound to go gaga over it.

Now it's a behind-the-scenes look at a pre-interview encounter between the two, where Prince Harry says Obama will get "the face" if he pauses too long between answers.

Obama asks what Prince Harry means by that, and after seeing "the face," he says, "I don't want to see that face."

More than that, Obama asks Prince Harry whether or not he needs to use a British accent at the beginning of the clip, and he even tries to change positions from interviewee to interviewer near the end of the footage.

"I'll interview you if you want," Obama says.

"No, no, let's keep it this way. I much prefer that," Prince Harry replies.

According to BBC News, the interview was filmed at the Invictus Games in Canada, and it will be broadcast for the guest edition of the BBC Radio 4 Today program of Prince Harry on Dec. 27.

The Internet Loves A Good Bromance

This isn't the first time that the two were seen having fun together, as they were spotted at the Invictus Games (pictured above) before the new video turned up.

Of course, as people catch wind of it, where do they take things? To Twitter.

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