Since the beginning of the Weinstein scandal, actress Rose McGowan has been at the forefront, using her social media platforms to speak her mind and publicly reprimand Weinstein and others for their horrendous acts. McGowan has repeatedly refused to back down and be silenced and has encouraged others to do the same.

Recently, it was announced that certain actresses will be wearing black at the 2018 Golden Globes to honor those who have been affected by sexual harassment or assault. McGowan surprisingly was not pleased with this announcement and once again took to social media to voice her disappointment.

McGowan vs The Black Out

McGowan expressed her outrage on Twitter, criticizing actresses Meryl Streep, Jessica Chastain, and Emma Stone that will allegedly be wearing all black at the award show. The Charmed actress called Streep in particular a "hypocrite" who "happily worked for the pig monster" and that all the actresses involved should wear Marchesa, which is Weinstein's estranged wife Georgina Chapman's line.

Though McGowan feels slighted since she has been personally affected by Weinstein's unforgivable acts, some don't agree with her rampage. Her friend and fellow actress Amber Tamblyn is offering her opinion on the matter and also condemning her friend.

Tamblyn also added that though McGowan attacked and berated women online, she will not do the same because unity is what's most important.

McGowan's former co-star Holly Marie Combs joined in on the conversation by questioning Tamblyn's motives for publicly addressing McGowan rather than simply speaking to her in private. Tamblyn replied that she did speak to McGowan and "loves her fiercely," but her comments were "hurtful."

"To be critical of an action is not to condemn the person behind it. There's your common message," Tamblyn elaborated.

In addition to McGowan, actresses Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, and Paz De La Huerta have accused Weinstein of sexually assaulting, abusing, or raping them. Weinstein could be facing charges in the De La Huerta case, as the actress claims the producer raped her twice in 2010.