Harvey Weinstein's Accusers Allege They Weren't Invited To Attend The Golden Globes

The 2018 Golden Globes commemorated a night of firsts. Oprah Winfrey took home the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille award while Sterling K. Brown made history as the first African American male actor to win the Best Actor award. 

The night also showed Hollywood standing in unity as the celebrities in attendance sported all black attire in honor of the "Time's Up" movement. "Time's Up" is a campaign spearheaded by several powerful women in Hollywood to create better jobs, benefits, and opportunities for female workers in the entertainment industry. This all began after movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was outed by over 80 women of sexual misconduct, rape, and harassment.

The most active of all his accusers are Rose McGowan, Mira Sorvino, Asia Aregnto, and Annabella Sciorra.  Argento and McGowan were two of the first actresses to speak out against Weinstein. However, it was noted that the actresses, including others, were not in attendance during the annual award ceremony.

Unity Or Hypocrisy?

Since Weinstein's fall from grace, several other men have been named as sexual predators, an epidemic known as the "Weinstein Effect". But this was only made possible because of McGowan's, Argento's, and Sciorra's bravery to speak out against their alleged attacker. When a Twitter user posted the question of the actress' whereabouts on the night of the Golden Globes, Argento responded why she wasn't in attendance.

"I can only speak for myself but not only I wasn't invited to the #GoldenGlobes: nobody asked my opinion about #TIMESUP or to sign the letter. I support @TIMESUPNOW even though I was excluded from it. Guess I am not POWERFUL or HOLLYWOOD enough. Proud to work behind the scenes," Argento tweeted

McGowan followed up with a tweet about the "Time's Up" movement and the red carpet "black-out", calling it "Hollywood fakery."

Also notably absent was actors Terry Crews and Corey Feldman who both named their abusers in 2017. Feldman, who has been adamant about the molestation he suffered as a child actor, vented his frustrations about the lack of support and not being included to attend the Golden Globes.

"Do U C the hypocrisy here? Hollywood taking a stand in unity, when I wasn't invited?" Feldman stated in a tweet

Actress and activist Patricia Arquette was also excluded from the event as well her sister actress Rosanna Arquette. Patricia spoke out about women getting equal pay during her speech in 2015 and Rosanna also accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

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