While everyone is still pushing the Queen of Daytime television, Oprah Winfrey, to run for president in 2020, there are others who had something else to about the media legend. Singer Seal made a post about Winfrey on Wednesday, Jan. 10, alleging that Winfrey was well aware of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment scandals that have recently been brought to light.

Winfrey herself has not commented on Seal's post, however, the picture garnered mixed reception with some accusing Seal of bashing Winfrey, while others praised him for his honesty. The singer decided to clarify his remarks before any further damage could take place.

Seal's Blunder

The "Kiss by From A Rose" singer decided to clear the air in a video on his Facebook account. Seal addressed several publications, from Fox News to the Huffington Post, for creating false stories around his post that alleged he was "attacking" Winfrey. 

Seal also singled out former Fox News commentator and actress Stacey Dash. Dash retweeted Seal's post with a caption that said, "Ouch, he does make a good point". Seal pointedly told Dash to "keep his name out of her mouth" and also accuses her of having a "self-hating agenda".

The singer continued that he has a lot of love and respect for Winfrey and admires all that she has accomplished. The singer then touched on the sexual abuse allegations and those that have spoken out against their attackers, stating that there hasn't been any real justice served yet.

"Losing your job because you either a) raped b) sexually abused or even sexually harassed a woman is not real punishment. You steal from the post office, you go to jail. #RealTalk for a second we all know what would happen to any one of those power abusers if they looked like me." he stated.

The singer ended the video with stating that everyone in some way is responsible for the abuse that has taken place.

"How about #WeAllKnew? How about #TellTheTruth? How about #Accountability?" he suggested.

Winfrey is not the only celebrity to come under fire for her affiliation with Weinstein. Actress Meryl Streep received backlash after she stated she was not aware of Weinstein's disturbing behavior. Ben Affleck was also accused by actress, Rose McGowan, for allegedly knowing of Weinsten's actions as well.