Kevin Hart said he isn’t taking any chances. The comedian announced he’s taking his wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, on tour with him.

The Kevin And Eniko Tour

Kevin has always been able to laugh at his own setbacks. His scandal, in which he confessed to cheating on his wife to avoid extortion, is no different. The funny guy will not only address the incident that put him and his family in headlines for weeks, but Eniko will be by his side when he does it. Thankfully, it looks like she can laugh at their obstacle, too.

In a teaser for his Irresponsible tour, Kevin addressed various versions of himself in attempt to let all of them know that he’s running things. He was surprised when his wife showed up behind him and took over instantly. She didn’t waste too much time in addressing the scandal.

“Ain’t gonna be no more stupid s***”," Eniko told him, as she proceeded to give him her purse and tell him to “go get the baby.”

Kevin Hart's Bounce Back Game Is Strong

Kevin and Eniko have certainly come a long way since he outed himself for his indiscretions. He took to Instagram back in September and stated that he “made a bad error in judgment” and allowed himself to be in a place where he could make mistakes.

He added that he wasn’t going to let anyone make money off of his mistake. He confirmed reports that the now infamous other woman attempted to force him to pay her for her silence about their interaction together. He went on to apologize to Eniko, who was eight months pregnant at the time, and his children.

He and Eniko stayed extremely quiet about the scandal for weeks. Kevin opened up about it for the first time during an intense interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club last month.

“It’s beyond irresponsible,” said Kevin. “There’s no way around it. The best way to do is just to address right on. You gotta just say exactly what it is. That’s Kevin Hart’s dumbest moment. That’s not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you gotta make your bed and lay in it. You can’t say what you were thinking, because you weren’t thinking.”

He also confirmed Eniko’s decision to stick with him despite the public issue. He called out women who were upset and shut down rumors that she was “a pushover. He said Eniko is the exact opposite.

“I know that woman. That woman, when she see red, she see red,” the comedian said.

He added that he wants to make better decisions in the future and be a positive example for his children.