"Wait, hold up. This isn't a movie," says Danny McBride to Chris Hemsworth in an ad, shutting down ideas for a sequel to Crocodile Dundee.

The trailers had been stirring buzz lately, but unfortunately, it was just an ad. To set the record straight, an ad for the supposed sequel for the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee, titled The Son of a Legend Returns Home, was aired on Super Bowl, which has been an avenue for shocking and buzz-worthy advertisements and commercials.

The clip showed McBride and Hemsworth traveling across Australia and showcasing some of the best spots in The Land Down Under. The teaser was also filled with antics from McBride, who was in character throughout the video. That is, until the This Is the End star and the Thor actor were in a restaurant and just as when the momentum built by an effective background music was put to a halt.

He further revealed, "It's a tourism ad for Australia," shutting the buzz on the possibility of a movie based on the original comedy film, which starred Paul Hogan. For his part, Hogan was also shortly seen in the clip after Hemsworth praised McBride of being the "best Crocodile Dundee since Crocodile Dundee."

To be fair, marketing stints were effective as fans were fooled into thinking that a sequel is in the works, following the release of teasers that referred to McBride as Brian Dundee. Hemsworth was Wally Jr. in the clips and was the wingman of McBride.

Other Aussie Actors

Weeks prior to this revelation, trailers featured a lot of Australian actors, though it was clear that this was not a factor that had helped fans decipher that all of those were just for an ad. Some of the big names that had appeared are I, Tonya star Margot Robbie, Logan star Hugh Jackman, Gladiator star Russell Crowe, and Confessions of a Shopaholic actress Isla Fisher.

The effective advertisement was directed by Steve Rogers who is popular for other commercials that had generated buzz, including those from Nike and Adobe.

Fans' Reactions

Most of the fans did not expect the announcement and lauded Australia's tourism agency for a job well done. Clearly, fans were amused of the advertisement that is a far cry from most tourism campaigns.