George Clooney opened up about his children and wife, Amal, on this week's episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, where he revealed that Amal is so precious to him that he would trade his life for her.

Precious Wife 

In a rare moment of talking about his personal life, the Hollywood star looked back at the time when he realized that Amal was the one for him. He talked about how his life shifted from the moment he met Amal and when they became a family.

"I have to say, before I had the twins I felt that about her [Amal]. I felt that I met someone who I would absolutely you know, trade my life for," Clooney said, when the show host told him that the purpose of his life is not about him anymore but about his family.

"You know I would... I've met someone that her life meant more to me than my life and I never had that experience before," the actor candidly admits.

Courtship Stage

In a previous clip, the 56-year-old Clooney revealed how he won over Amal's heart. The actor resorted to some unusual ways to woo the lawyer in the early stages of their relationship. He used her profession as a human rights lawyer to make up stories about his dog getting hostaged. Clooney said that he used to write her letters as his dog Einstein.

"I would write letters from Einstein to her saying, 'I'm being held hostage, and I need a lawyer to get me out of the room,'" the actor recalled with a laugh.

Clooney also invited Amal to a historic recording studio in London, England, her adopted hometown. He said he purchased tickets to a recording at Abbey Road to try to impress the lawyer.

"I went to London to score a movie at Abbey Road, which is a pretty cool thing, you've got a 150-piece orchestra and I thought, 'If you're ever going to impress somebody,'" he explained.

Amal gladly accepted the invite after Clooney called her to come to Abbey Road. The actor recalled with amusement that she left a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood, where she was trying to hold them accountable for something, just to score a movie.

Clooney and Amal are proud parents to 8-month-old twins Alexander and Ella. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman airs Fridays on Netflix.