In response to the live press conference held on Feb. 14 by Charles in Charge actors, Alexander Polinksy and Nicole Eggert, Scott Baio also held a press conference to once again proclaim his innocence.

Baio was not physically at the conference due to a prior commitment with his daughter. His spokesman, Brian Glicklich, and his civil attorney, Jennifer McGrath, represented the actor and answered all questions regarding the current allegations against the actor.

Baio Will Be Cleared 

Glicklich began the press conference by flat-out denying all the allegations against the actor and reading a direct statement against Baio. In the statement, Baio could not understand why he was the target of the "false" claims and that he was "hurt" and "angry" because this attack now affects his family as well. 

"Scott denies every single claim of inappropriate behavior and there is absolutely nothing when you examine the facts and the evidence and the claims that have been made -- almost every one of them can be refuted with evidence," Glicklich stated.

Baio also stated that Polinksy attended Baio's 50th birthday celebration seven years ago and had no qualms nor issues with the actor or any of the co-stars from the sitcom.

McGrath then took over and began with her opening remarks where she questioned the intentions of Eggert, Polinsky, and their attorney Lisa Bloom. McGrath continued that while Baio would have not preferred to go "back and forth" in the media, he was left with "no choice" as Eggert and Polinsky have created a "media witch hunt" against him. 

"When this police investigation concludes and Scott is cleared of any wrongdoing, he will pursue any and all legal options available to him to anyone who has knowingly made false claims about him," Glicklich continued

Both of Baio's reps stated that Eggert's allegations have changed drastically over the years as they also presented evidence of previous remarks made by Eggert where she admitted she was friends with Baio and his wife, and that she felt "lucky" to have worked with him. 

Eggert made her allegations against Baio in public in January after posting several tweets where she accused the actor of molesting her from the ages of 14 to 17. Polinsky recently came forward with his allegations against Baio and claimed that the actor mentally, physically, and sexually abused him when he was 11 years old. 

After the statements were concluded, a reporter asked if Baio would ever apologize for what he did wrong.

 "You can't apologize from something you didn't do," Glicklich stated.