Lala Kent, 27, appeared on an episode of E! News earlier this week and quickly faced backlash for discussing her romance with movie producer Randall Emmett, 46.

Following the episode, Kent appeared on Twitter and fought back against a man who dissed her for dating a man who "rents" his private jet and doesn't actually own the plane.

"[Lala Kent] thinks she is the sh*t for finding a dude with a rented jet. B***h is too basic to find a dude who owns his sh*t ... I hope her range lease is paid. Dumb trick," the man wrote.

"You don't rent a jet. You charter it," Kent wrote in response, defending her boyfriend's plane use.

She then labeled the man a "brokster" but that didn't stop his criticism. Instead, her tweet appeared to further fuel his frustrations and continued to blast the Vanderpump Rules star by calling her a "hooker" and slamming her for sleeping with a married man.

While Kent denied she was dating a married man for over a year, her boyfriend of two years has only been divorced since December of last year — just months ago. As reports revealed at the end of last year, Emmett was previously married to actress Ambyr Childers and the ex-couple continues to co-parent their two daughters, London and Rylee.

Weeks after going public with her romance with Emmett in early January, Kent chose to remove all the photos she shared of her man and ever since, she's kept him off her page. That said, she did share a picture earlier this week in which she and Emmett, whose face was blurred out, were seated courtside at a Lakers game in Los Angeles.

During her appearance on E! News earlier this week, Kent said that while she doesn't need to get married to Emmett anytime soon, she would like for her boyfriend to give her a "big ring" and a "baby." She then spoke about sugar daddies, saying that everyone should have one.

According to Kent, she doesn't have a problem dating an older man, but she would cut off her ideal dating range at 60 because she doesn't want to deal with someone who can't perform sexually without taking a pill.

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