Lala Kent was asked about her current relationship with Faith Stowers on last night's episode of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

During the early episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Kent was seen getting a hold of a clip on James Kennedy's phone that had initially been recorded by Stowers. A short time later, Kent shared the clip with her co-stars and revealed all the horrible things Jax Taylor had said to Stowers about his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, after their affair.

On Monday night's episode of Cohen's late night talk show, a caller phoned in, asking Kent if her one-time friend Stowers was upset with her for sharing the clip.

“What’s your friendship status with Faith [Stowers]? Was she mad when you played the recording of Jax [Taylor] for Brittany [Cartwright]?” the caller asked, according to a Feb. 20 report by Reality Tea.

“Who’s Faith?” Kent responded, making it clear that Stowers was no longer a part of her life.

Kent and Stowers were close friends during the time Stowers worked at SUR Restaurant and at one point, they were seen vacationing with their co-stars in Hawaii. During the trip, as some may recall, Stowers appeared to hook up with Max, the son of Lisa Vanderpump.

“It was a lot of fun… he’s a wonderful wonderful, wonderful guy. It started with a wonderful night we had out, and it went where it went… and we had a lot of fun," Stowers told Real Mr. Housewife of her time with Max. "That’s about all I can say about that.”

Years later, it was Taylor who Stowers set her sights on.

Prior to production on the sixth season of the show last spring, Stowers hooked up with Taylor, who was two years into a relationship with Cartwright at the time. Then, as Taylor proceeded to bash Cartwright to her, Stowers was able to make an audio tape of his comments.

As the season began to air, Stowers quickly caught backlash from fans who labeled her as a "home wrecker," and plenty of other things, and she wasn't the only one. After taking back her cheating boyfriend, Taylor, Cartwright received backlash as well and was slammed for allowing such behavior to take place during her relationship.

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