A few months after her terrifying accident and dozens of stitches on her face later, Carrie Underwood still doesn't feel normal.

Underwood took a nasty fall in her Nashville home in November, an accident that resulted in multiple injuries including a broken wrist and facial injuries. The country singer previously told her fans that she needed 40 to 50 stitches in her face for it.

Now, despite staying positive on social media, it seems that Underwood is struggling not just with her physical ailments but self-confidence as well.

Scarred And Struggling

An insider close to Underwood tells Hollywood Life that the country singer's doctor has advised her to see if her scars heal naturally before going the plastic surgery route. However, the waiting game has been hard on the American Idol alum.

"Carrie is trying her best to be patient but she can't help being frustrated, because she feels that the scar isn't fading at all," the source reveals. "When Carrie looks in the mirror, it's the first thing she sees, and the only thing she can focus on."

Fortunately, she has her husband by her side to keep her confidence from plummeting. NHL pro Mike Fisher has reportedly been trying his absolute best to lift Underwood's morale throughout the ordeal.

"Mike keeps reassuring Carrie that it's nowhere near as visible as she thinks it is, and that she's beautiful anyway, regardless of a scar or not, but she's definitely been struggling with self confidence recently," the source says.

The pair even posed on Instagram together, which counts as Underwood's very first selfie after her accident. While the singer keeps part of her face obscured with an "X" for the movement, it's the first time fans have glimpsed the pretty blonde.

Divorce Rumors

Despite the show of unity on social media, there have been constant buzz about the couple splitting up, especially after Fisher officially came out of retirement earlier this year. With the numerous celebrity breakups that opened up 2018, fans are worried that the eight-year married couple may be on the brink of a divorce.

Fortunately, the newly un-retired NHL player quickly shut the rumors down.

When Fisher posted a photo of a religious passage on Instagram, his followers immediately responded with encouraging words and well-wishes to the married couple.

"We've never been better," the athlete replied to one of the comments. "Thanks."

The couple tied the knot in 2010. They have one son, Isaiah Michael Fisher but are reportedly trying to get pregnant for baby number 2.