TV host Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, is firm and solid about supporting and standing by him during this trying time.

Taylor took to Instagram to express her support for Seacrest, who had become the talk of the town since Monday after Variety published a detailed account of Suzie Hardy, his former stylist, who said he made sexual advances on her. The photo came on Wednesday and showed the 25-year-old giving a smooch on her darling's cheek.

The moment became more romantic, thanks to their scenic backdrop of a sunset, but the sweeter thing was probably the caption that talked about Seacrest's kindness, a far cry from the account of Hardy.

"I love you so much Ryan. You are the most respectful, well mannered, civil, gracious, loving, kind human being," Taylor wrote.

Taylor also underlined how she admires Seacrest's kindness, which transcends to family, friends, and the workplace. She continued to say that the American Idol host deserves whatever he has now, credited to hard work.

Looks like Taylor's perception of Seacrest is far from being affected of the recent controversy. Other things that was not impacted by the harrowing news include the celebrity's hosting stints in the Oscars on Sunday, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and American Idol.

Hardy's Account

On Monday, Hardy came out with a detailed story, saying Seacrest sexually harassed her during the time they were working together, from 2007 to 2013. She alleged the TV host of unwarrantedly groping her genital and even slapping her butt so hard it had left a welt.

Hardy added she talked with the human resources of E! in 2013 and revealed Seacrest's supposed harassment. Just two weeks after, she got fired from her job. Then in November, during the time when women from Hollywood started a loud cry for victims to stand up against their abusers, her lawyer got in touch with the network.

However, an investigator found out that Hardy's claims of Seacrest's sexual harassment lacked evidence. She countered this by saying that the investigator was obviously leaning toward the 43-year-old celebrity. E! denied this and cited the officer's remarkable merits.

A day after Hardy came out swinging hard onto the host, Seacrest released a statement slamming his former stylist. According to him, she asked for "millions of dollars" in order to withdraw her statements.

However, Seacrest revealed he did not give in to the alleged extortionist. He also lambasted Variety for not getting his statements prior to the publication of the detailed account of Hardy. Meanwhile, Claudia Eller of Variety denied this and said they tried contacting Seacrest to get his side.