Losing a loved one is never easy as it takes time for a person's wounds to heal. However, this singer has suffered tremendous heartbreak.

Sparks's Emotional Instagram Post

On Feb. 1, the American Idol winner posted a heartbreaking message on Instagram. The "No Air" singer stated that she felt broken.

"I'm in shock, numb, and feel everything all at the same time," Sparks wrote.

The "This Is My Now" singer commented how she lost one of her closest friends, fellow Idol alum and close friend Leah LaBelle, on Jan. 31. She also mentioned LaBelle's late husband, Rasual Butler, in her post. 

Next, Sparks paid tribute to her beloved stepsister, Bryanna Jackson-Frias, and her cousin, Q.  While her stepsister lost her battle with sickle cell amenia, it is unknown how her cousin, Q, passed away. 

"The world is less sparkly without you in it. Rest In Peace and Power. I love you forever," Sparks wrote on Instagram.

The recording artist concluded her post with a simple request for her fanbase to pray for her and her family.

 Four Angels in a week. My heart is just so heavy & broken. I'm in shock, numb and feel everything all at the same time. Leah & Rasual (one of my closest friends and her amazing other half who also was a great friend), Bryanna (my step sister) and Q (my little cousin), you were such bright lights in this crazy world. You made everyone better just by knowing them. And your smiles made anyone's day better. The world is less sparkly without you in it. Rest In Peace and Power. I love you forever. Find Miles and hug him for me. ♥️ Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Don't ever skip a chance to tell someone you appreciate them or how much you love them. Please, please continue to cover their families and our family with thoughts and prayers. #unicornsdontdie #sicklecellsux

A post shared by Jordin Sparks (@jordinsparks) on Jan 31, 2018 at 2:56pm PST

Fans Offer Condolences

Sparks's fans have been offering their thoughts and prayers to the singer since the post was posted.

"Sorry to hear that you lost so many loved ones in a short time span. My prayers are with you," wrote one Instagram fan.

"I am so sorry for your losses, Jordin. I hope He comforts you and your family," wrote another Instagram fan.

A Fatal Car Crash

The losses for Jordin Sparks began with LaBelle and Butler's deaths. The couple died in a car crash on Wednesday, Jan. 31. The Los Angeles Police Department stated that the car crash occurred near Studio City.

The authorities believed that the couple's car was traveling above the speed limit and that Butler, who was driving the vehicle, lost control of the car.

The funeral service for the couple happened on Saturday, Feb. 3, at Los Angeles's Potter's House.

Happier Flashbacks For Sparks

Before Jackson-Frias's passing from sickle cell anemia and LaBelle's devastating crash, Sparks was having some of the best moments in her life.

She secretly married model Dana Isaiah last year. Isaiah sounded off against his critics when Sparks announced her pregnancy.

The couple married in Hawaii in July, surrounded by family and friends.

Sparks also participated at Fox's American Idol series finale.