Fans love to devour news about Sandra Bullock's private life. Between her relationship drama and raising her kids, they cannot get enough of Bullock.

No Wedding For Sandra

On March 2, a representative for Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock had to come to the defense of The Blind Side and Gravity star. Many celebrity gossip media outlets had claimed that Bullock married her boyfriend, Bryan Randell.

"They are not married," said Bullock's representative to People Magazine.

It's A Love Story

Bullock apparently met Randell when she was looking for a photographer to take photos of her adopted son, Louis. The duo stayed in touch following the completion of the assignment. Eventually, Bullock and Randell were romantically linked and were seen moving in together in 2016. Many of Bullock and Randell's friends believed that the duo had a beautiful relationship but also swore up and down that they were not ready to take their relationship to the altar.

"They are pretty much married the way they act around each other and the amount of time that they share with one another," an insider told E! News.

Many insiders believe that the Miss Congeniality franchise actress does not like soaking up the Hollywood glitz and glamor. They also think that when her film assignments and press junket obligations are done, she just wants to harness all of her remaining energy on building a cohesive family unit which includes Randell, Louis, and her adopted daughter, Laila.

'Ocean's 8' Is Coming

The wedding rumors between Bullock and Randell come months before the premiere of Bullock's latest film, Ocean's 8. Following the release of the Ocean's 11 franchise reboot's official trailer, many rumors were running wild that Matt Damon, who is set to make an appearance as Linus Caldwell, was eliminated from the film due to his support to comedian Louis C.K. following the latter's sexual misconduct scandal. As of publication, Damon is still a part of the film.

Ocean's 8 is expected to focus on Debbie Ocean (Bullock), the sister of legendary Danny Ocean (George Clooney), as she picks up the pieces of her shattered life. She has a plan that could shake up the New York City fashion world. Ms. Ocean assembles a team of eight women who are going after a $100-million diamond necklace displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ocean's 8 has been confirmed to be released into theatres on June 8.

Sandra Bullock Bulletin

Outside of her marriage rumors and preparing for Ocean's 8's release, Bullock has seldom been seen in public. When disgraced Today show anchor Matt Lauer was terminated by NBC News for a sexual misconduct allegation, a clip of a 2009 conversation between Lauer and Bullock re-emerged. It featured Lauer awkwardly admitting that he had Bullock's naked body as a screensaver on his phone.

Months before the Lauer interview resurfaced, Bullock received disturbing news. Her stalker, Joshua James Corbett, was released on June 30, 2017, from a psychiatric facility after a judge gave him five years' probation. On June 8, 2014, Corbett broke into her home and Bullock had to hide her children in a closet as she called 911 to send police to her house.