Jennifer Garner Is Using The Viral Garner Oscars Meme, And It's Hilarious

Jennifer Garner proves she is a good sport when she adorably pokes fun of herself using the hilarious Oscars meme that has gone viral.

Even as she had not won anything in Sunday's star-studded event, the 45-year-old became a hot topic online, not for her dress or any blunder. Clad in a Versace royal blue gown, cameras were panning toward her and her seatmates applauding when Garner, halfway, stopped clapping and her facial expression suddenly changed. 

What's hilarious was her reaction, which seemingly showed she just had an epiphany of some sort or realized something important she forgot to do. Of course, the comical incident caught on-cam launched a wave of memes and gifs. Fans and supporters of Garner could not help themselves but hypothesize on what popped into her mind during the time, hence the startled face.

"What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?" the uploader of the clip, user @bobbyfinger, tweeted on Monday, which invited a lot of speculators. 

Speculations For Garner's Oscar Meme

Jemele Hill, former SportsCenter host, said that would be the face one makes when he remembered he forgot thawing the chicken. Another one pointed out Garner must have contemplated if she left the stove on.

But much to her fans' surprise, Garner took to her social media account to somehow acknowledge her circulating Oscars meme, and she joined a thousand who have told their story using the meme. This was uploaded on Twitter by @bobbyfinger as it only appeared for 24 hours in the actress' Story.

To prove she was having fun about her Oscars memes, Garner took things a notch higher. The former Alias star even found the time to exert a little more effort when she voice recorded what she probably thought at the moment.

"Congrats to Shape of Water. Maybe I should date a fish," Garner quipped.

Garner also made sure she was getting her new project out there, but with a twist. She said she was excited about working with Lena Dunham, in a series called Camping on which she will star, and suddenly remembered if she signed a nudity waiver.

Finally, Garner made some reference to her Capital One deal.

"Hey Jimmy Kimmel, what's in your wallet? Wait, where is my wallet?" she said.

Clearly her epic comeback was lauded, with @bobbyfinger praising her for being a "good egg." If she has not won anything during the glamorous Oscars, she had definitely won the people's hearts for just being herself.

Apart from this, Garner has proven she is relatable like most people. Last year, she uploaded a video showing she was fan-girling over Hamilton while on a laughing gas, so clearly, the Oscars memes would not have offended the 13 Going On 30 star, as she knows how to take jokes.

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