It's safe to say hard work truly pays off, especially in Michael B. Jordan's case. Marvel's, Black Panther, didn't only break box office. It also broke a retainer too, but Jordan is to blame for that.

As previously reported, a 17-year-old girl reportedly broke her retainer after she saw Jordan's topless scene in Black Panther. The incident immediately went viral after her orthodontist shared the news on Tumblr.

The orthodontist said that one of his patients snapped the wire on her retainer so hard after she saw the actor remove his shirt. Well, the lucky girl, who ABC revealed to be named Sophia Robb is getting a new retainer all thanks to Jordan.

On Tuesday, March 6 the Creed star tweeted Robb who goes by @pixyrue on Twitter and told her that since he feels responsible for breaking her retainer, the least he could do is pay for a replacement.

Following Jordan's response to the episode, Robb decided to share her story with Teen Vogue. Robb stated that she always looked up to her doctor so it felt good to know that she made him laugh.

"I always thought he was the coolest person, so to see that I had the honor of making him laugh was great," Sophia said.

The young girl also admitted that she feels overwhelmed because of the amount of responses the story has received, and she will never be able to top this moment.

The M'Baku Challenge

Sophia's story might have made headlines, but she wasn't the only fan that got Jordan's attention.

After fans of the Marvel film took to social media to re-enact the scene in the movie, where M'Baku (Winston Duke) challenges (Chadwick Boseman) for his throne as prince, there was one particular child who reportedly may have earned himself a role in the sequel.

Majority of fans re-enacting the moment have been adults, but that didn't stop the little boy from taking a stab at it.

When the boy's mother shared his impersonation on social media, Jordan wasted no time giving him credit.

"Lil man you nailed it!!!" the actor wrote.