'Black Panther' Co-Stars Michael B. Jordan And Lupita Nyong'o Spark Romance Rumors


Anyone that has seen Black Panther this past weekend might feel like they have nothing else to live for. Well, there's always the option to see the Marvel film again, or jump on the Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong'o romance train that the internet seems to be riding.

After going on a non-stop press tour for Black Panther, the chemistry between the two has sparked romance rumors and has everyone wondering what if?

It all started when Jordan supposedly lost a bet to Nyong'o, which requires him to do on-call and on-demand push-ups.

The first time she made the Creed star do a push-up was at a press event for Black Panther in New York City earlier this February. Jordan got down and did one as Nyong'o held her hand up and their fellow cast members Chadwick Boseman and Danai Guirira and film director Ryan Coogler watched.

A Bet Is A Bet

Nyong'o then made Jordan drop down and give her one at a Calvin Klein fashion show during New York Fashion Week, which she caught on camera and shared the video with her Instagram followers.

Lastly, but certainly not least, on Monday, Feb. 19, the actress took to Twitter to share a video of her and Jordan in his dressing room before he appeared on The View. The moment immediately fueled dating rumors as Nyong'o could be seen grabbing and caressing Jordan's face before he gets down to do the push-up.

Are Jordan And Nyong'o Secretly Dating? 

The dressing room antics might have sparked romance rumors, but what really raised fans' eyebrows was when the two exchanged what seemed to be some frisky tweets that have now been deleted. 

"@Lupita_Nyongo Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2? #youknowwantthis," Jordan tweeted. 

Nyong'o wasted no time and replied, "No desert until you come correct, @michaelb4jordan! #youknowyouwantthis #youaintready."

While the tweets might seem pretty convincing, the 31-year-old actor claimed that it was all for MTV's prank series, SafeWord

Are they really appearing on MTV's SafeWord or is this really an exchange between the two? Let's see if the flirting continues after their press tour is over, but until then fans wait patiently to see where Nyong'o will strike next. 

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