Jessica Chastain certainly knows how to turn a rather provocative comment into a positive matter as she donated money to the commenter's fertility procedure.

On Thursday, March 8, the Golden Globe awardee posted a snapshot of herself wearing a shirt printed with a "We should all be feminist" statement. The 40-year-old actress is known for her strong-willed feminist portrayals in films.

An Instagram user, who goes by the name Karin Schulz, commented that she is only for women who are pro-life.

"Yes, feminist that believe [sic] in God and stand up for The Unborn. I would be for that kind of feminist," wrote Schulz.

Chastain replied with open-mindedness and said that she respected the commenter's opinion.

"@karinhschulz Yes, you can decide what is right for you. I am pro-choice and I believe that everyone has the right to make their own decision," Chastain said.

Chastain's Instagram post was in time for the celebration of the International Women's Day on March 8.

Empathy For Women

As it turns out, there is a deeper story behind Schulz's comment on Chastain's post. Karin and husband Jeremy from Summerville, South Carolina, have been struggling to get pregnant since their marriage in June 2015.

After several attempts to conceive, the couple was advised by their doctor to consider fertility treatments. Schulz said that their insurance will not cover the treatment costs and that they are likely to go into debt if they proceed.

"It was very disheartening to hear these results. I felt like I had failed Jeremy. The idea of having us to go into debt to become pregnant made me so, so sad," Schulz wrote.

Karin and Jeremy started a GoFundMe campaign where they ask donations from people so they can afford the required treatments. Chastain picked up the story and decided to donate $2,000.

As of writing, the couple has raised $4,005 of their $5,000 goal.

As a result, Schulz thanked the actress for her words of encouragement and well wishes. She added that she, too, is a feminist and that she and Chastain can agree to disagree on their views on women power and equality.

"Thank you so much, Jessica. Thank you for believing in my dream," Karin wrote.

Chastain is known for her supported advocacies such as Planned Parenthood and Time's Up. Octavia Spencer, Chastain's friend, revealed in January that she is working with the actress to close wage gaps in Hollywood. She also said that Chastain helped her make five times of her salary on a film.