Fans Are Livid 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Getting Rid Of April And Arizona

Fans are not here for the latest Grey’s Anatomy shakeup. They took to Twitter to respond to news that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw were let go from the show.

Fans Respond To Grey's Anatomy Cast Changes

Drew, who portrays April Kepner, first joined the show nine years ago. Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins, joined 10 years ago.

While there is speculation that both women's stories are complete, it’s safe to say both women were favorites on the series as fans made it clear they were not happy with the showrunners’ decision to make them say goodbye to both characters at the end of the current 14th season.

One fan suggested a spinoff that features only April and Arizona.

Another accused the show of treating the ladies inappropriately as they celebrated both Capshaw and Drew for International Women’s Day.

Another kept it simple and said, “no thank you” when faced with the idea of the series without either of the women.

Another echoed sentiments of many of the other fans as they said both Drew and Capshaw “deserve much more” after their investments into the series.

One fan plainly said, “My life has, in fact, been ruined,” when they heard the news.

One tweeter said they were “speechless” and would have “never” guessed that neither of the ladies would see the end of the show.

Another gave a history of all of the other popular characters the show as written off from Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

One fan said they were simply heartbroken over the news.

One fan replied to the show's creator and writer Shonda Rhimes and said she will no longer be tuning in to the series. She said Arizona and April’s characters were the sole reason she supported the show after Derek Shepherd was killed off a few seasons back.

Another fan also compared the news to Shepherd being written off the show and said they felt like they were experiencing the loss “all over again…”

One fan said the show has been struggling since Christina Yang left. They pointed out that April’s love story with Jackson Avery (played by Jesse Williams, who is facing drama in his own personal life), is unfinished.

One also told Rhimes that this is an indication the show is nearing its final days.

'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo Speaks

It’s not clear why the show decided to continue without the two iconic characters. Word did spread that it was because of the pay raise for Ellen Pompeo who plays the main character, Meredith Grey. Still, Pompeo took to Twitter to shut down that speculation. She also clapped back at fans who spoke negatively about the show's decision.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC 8/7c.

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