Will & Grace's return is proving to be a bigger hit as NBC has already renewed it for a third season and asked to add five more episodes for season 2.

The revival of the hit sitcom is currently enjoying its first season, but NBC already sealed a deal for the third run of Will & Grace. Clearly it has gain a following, as its season 2 will just be airing soon but it has already been extended for another season.

There are just two episodes more for Will & Grace season 1, but the network is already seeking for an additional five episodes for its season 2 that will premiere in fall this year, so from 13, it would be totaling 18. Season 3 is set to have 18 episodes as well.

Overall, the Will & Grace revival is getting 52 episodes. With this in mind, it is clearly depicting that it is still loved, despite the original airing its finale more than a decade ago. The original show spanned for eight seasons and if the current show is to be taken into consideration, the season ballooned to 11.

How It Started

It can be remembered that fans got the shock of their lives when a 10-minute episode centering on elections aired in September 2016. Maybe because there was a public clamor for it, NBC announced it has signed with the original cast for initially a 10-episode ninth season (the first for the revival), then it became 12, before finalizing it with 16 episodes.

Some of the guest stars during the first season of Will & Grace revival are Jane Lynch, Jennifer Lopez, and Alec Baldwin. So for the upcoming seasons, fans should expect more big names to appear on the sitcom.

Winning Audience's Hearts

Voila! The charm of Will and Grace, played by Eric McCormack and Debra Messing respectively, has captured the hearts of the fans of the original sitcom and even more. The mentioned stars, along with Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes, are getting an increase along with the deal, Deadline reported.

It was also reported that currently, each of them are getting $250,000 per episode. Clearly, NBC knows how to look at the ratings board. After all, Will & Grace is their top comedy show, bringing a lot of audience from the coveted demographics, and is a big contender to overall top-placer Big Bang Theory.

"I'm overwhelmed by the euphoric response the new show has received from the press and the audience," Robert Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment chairman, said.

The NBC exec also lauded creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan for their wonderful and effective work. They were also the ones responsible for the original Will & Grace.