Justin Bieber is freaking out the internet over his concert date with an unidentified woman. The duo was spotted together in Los Angeles.

Blonde Over Brunette

On Tuesday, March 20, insiders reported to Entertainment Tonight that Bieber was seen with a mysterious blonde woman while attending pal Craig David's concert at the legendary West Hollywood concert venue, the Roxy. Bieber was inside the venue's VIP section, where he spent a majority of the evening hanging around this unidentifiable vixen. Concertgoers also reported that this mysterious woman was dancing with him throughout David's set.

Also, the 24-year-old singer, who wore a turquoise baseball hat and white long-sleeved buttoned-down shirt, was invited to the stage by David. Bieber took the opportunity to give his friend a well-deserved shout-out.

"He's an amazing guy, and he's an incredible artist. I'm just glad to be here, I had so much fun," said Bieber in a quote transcribed by the Metro.

Before David invited him to the stage, the singer-songwriter showcased his support for the "Sorry" singer by performing "16," a song that featured "Where Are U Now" Bieber's monster collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex. David revealed that he has been a massive supporter of Bieber and was impressed with his artistry evolution.

"I've watched Justin grow into the young man that he is now and it's incredible to see him be able to own it in the way that he is. Because I think a lot of us try to understand how someone could actually be in the spotlight like he's been and be able to hold it together, and come with the music and still keep it relevant and keep it fresh," said David to Entertainment Tonight.

Justin's Public Appearances

Before Bieber was spotted at the Roxy with his mysterious date, the pop star was seen playing soccer with his intermural team, Churchdome FC. On Saturday, March 17, Bieber helped his team score a significant victory against their unidentified opponents as the team won 8-3.

The singer's fanbase, the Beliebers, might want to thank actor Patrick Schwarzenegger for convincing Bieber to attend the premiere of his film, Midnight Sun. On Thursday, March 15, Bieber wore a black long-sleeved shirt and a ripped pair of athletic pants to the premiere. He also raised eyebrows with a "Fear of God" message that was on the back of his shirt.

After the premiere, insiders stated that he was utterly smitten with Schwarzenegger's co-star, Bella Thorne. The duo along with Schwarzenegger was seen at the Los Angeles' based club, Avenue. He also filmed Thorne dancing at the event, and many insiders were excited to see the singer beaming.

The End of Jelena?

Bieber has been doing everything in his power not trying to get depressed after his latest break from on-again, off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. While there were rumors that it was Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey, that broke the couple up, it turned out that Bieber was the guilty party as he canceled on his birthday plans with Gomez.