Stassi Schroeder was completely in love with Patrick Meagher during the early moments of Vanderpump Rules season 6, but last summer, their relationship came to an end. On Monday night, she was questioned about their past encounters on the show.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live, the late-night show of Andy Cohen, Schroeder was asked what her younger brother, Nikolai, who has been known to offer her relationship advice, thought of her romance with Meagher. 

"I've watched every episode, I've watched it back. So, when I watch me and Patrick's scenes, I cringe," Schroeder explained to a curious fan, according to a report by The Daily Dish on March 19. "I realize that I was in a really deep bubble that I couldn't see what it was."

Patrick Was A Different Guy Off-Screen

According to Schroeder, her now-ex-boyfriend acted differently around her family. 

"Obviously, Patrick was very different with Nikolai. So, they got along really well. They did," she said.

During the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules, Schroeder was seen crying to Nikolai after a split from Meagher in 2016. However, by the time filming began for the currently airing sixth season, they had reunited as Meagher agreed to appear on the show for the very first time. 

Schroeder started dating Meagher after the show's second season but as he didn't want to expose his life, and their relationship, to the world, he decided to stay hidden for nearly four years.

Stassi And Patrick Broke Up Last Summer

In August of last year, as she prepared to celebrate her anniversary with Meagher, Schroeder learned that her then boyfriend didn't get her anything to honor their special day. So, after going big and arranging for them to travel to Mexico for a couples getaway, Schroeder was extremely upset to find out that Meagher had arrived to her home empty-handed. Ultimately she chose to end her relationship with the radio host.

Stassi Is Now Dating Someone New

Following the end of her relationship with Meagher, Schroeder began dating a man named Beau Clark. Over the Valentine's Day holiday, the couple went public with their romance. Since then, Schroeder has shared several photos of herself and Clark on Instagram.

To see more of Stassi Schroeder, including the end of her relationship with Patrick Meagher, don't miss new episodes of the sixth season of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.