The drama between Tamar Braxton and her sisters has already made headlines hours ahead of the season six premiere of Braxton Family Values on WeTV. Trina, Towanda, and Traci Braxton responded to rumors Braxton was upset with their family for blasting Vincent Herbert.

The Braxton Sisters Not Here For Tamar Or Vince

Trina, Towanda, and Traci confirmed speculation that Tamar was angry because the sisters talked negatively about her estranged husband, Herbert. Tamar's drama with Herbert is a key storyline for the new season.The three sisters defended their conversations about him and made it clear they wouldn’t stop dissing him in a candid interview.

Trina was the first to speak in the interview with TMZ and said it’s no secret the sisters often speak on one another’s love lives. She said Tamar has never backed away from speaking on their marriages, so she shouldn’t think hers is “off limits.”

Trina went on to point out that Tamar was the one to first speak on her marriage with Herbert on social media. Towanda broke her silence and reminded fans Tamar was very vocal during her divorce with Andre Carter, and Trina’s split with Gabe Solis.

“I think it’s almost as if, ‘Ok, I can do you, but you better not do me,’” said Towanda.

The Sister Drama Is Deep

She added that what fans see the sisters dealing with is real life and not just for the show. She said Braxton Family Values is different from other reality shows because they’re family, so when they have drama, it doesn’t end when the production crew turns off the cameras.

“I wish some of it was scripted so it wasn’t so painful sometimes,” said Towanda.

As for whether the sisters actually communicate with Tamar when they aren’t filming, Towanda admitted it comes and goes, based on how Tamar is feeling that day. They also said they haven’t spoken to Herbert at all. While Traci Braxton stayed quiet during the video, her face when asked about Herbert showed that she's not a fan. 

Trina, Towanda, and Traci Talking Too Much?

This isn’t the first time the sisters have been vocal about Tamar’s split with Herbert. They were the first to speak out after Tamar filed for divorce from Herbert back in October. Towanda hinted that fans would see the cause of the divorce on the reality show and said Tamar and Herbert tried to cover up their issues in the past. They also joked about having a divorce party as Towanda and Trina have gone through divorces.

Braxton Family Values season 6 premieres on WeTV Thursday at 9/8c.

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