Tamar Braxton revealed she and her husband Vincent Herbert are in extensive counseling after she filed for divorce last year.

The two are set to relive their drama in the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values on WeTV.

Braxton Family Drama

However, she’s not the only sister facing lots of issues when the show returns this month. In a teaser released by the network, Traci Braxton revealed she received “juicy, juicy” news while Towanda Braxton’s ex-husband, Andre, possibly made a return.

In one scene, the matriarch of the famous family, Evelyn Braxton, told Towanda that whatever man was bothering her needs to go away. Towanda said all was well between her and the man until she informed him she had a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Toni Braxton’s love life was doing just fine as she told her sisters she and her longtime boyfriend Birdman “decided to get married.” Still, that didn’t keep her away from the drama.

She asked Tamar to plan her wedding and even though Tamar agreed, Mama Evelyn attempted to make it a team effort and involve Towanda. Tamar made it clear she didn’t want that.

Mother Tells All

As for Tamar, if her divorce couldn’t get any worse, Evelyn’s interviews, in which she accused Herbert of physical abuse, were major topics of conversation this season.

That seemed to be just the beginning as the narrator revealed a sister has yet another piece of news that sparked betrayal among the sisterhood.

It wasn’t clear what the big secret was but there are two hints: one is that Traci was spotted saying she doesn’t know what’s really going on. The other is the narrator suggested Toni’s upcoming wedding could put a stop to the drama.

“I’ve covered up for her. Who’s protecting us?” Towanda added.

“Reality just hit you in your face,” Traci also told Tamar while Tamar got up and walked away from the table.

It’s possible Herbert and Tamar’s tumultuous relationship and temporary split along with Evelyn’s accusations against him could be the cause of it.

Too Much For Them To Handle?

Either way, whatever it is, Trina added that she doesn’t care about it while Evelyn broke down into tears.

Fans might remember that Towanda, Trina, and Traci were the first to speak on Tamar’s divorce. They said that Tamar’s decision to file would be a highlight of this season.

Interestingly enough, Tamar implied there is hope for her and Herbert on her recent appearance on The View.

Braxton Family Values returns to WeTV Thursday, March 22 at 9 p.m. Eastern or 8 p.m. Central.

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