Kim Kardashian might have had good intentions when she posted a photo of herself as a nod to the March for Our Lives protests over the weekend, however, it didn't stop her from getting mocked.

Fans Come For Kim Kardashian

The now viral snapshot features Kardashian posing in a pair of biker shorts, flip flops, and an orange overcoat. Still, it wasn’t her outfit that caught fans’ attention this time around. Instead, it was what they exposed as a bad Photoshop job due to a smashed car in the background, a blur on her left sleeve, and a bending curb.

After viewers recovered from the notion that Kardashian’s alleged photoshoot faux pas was headline news, they went in on the reality star.

“Kardashians are so fake!” wrote one. “Using serious issues to promote fake Photoshop body, how low can you go?”

While one fan defended Kardashian, who said that it’s no surprise she goes to great lengths to make sure she appears to be perfect in every photo given the backlash the family consistently receives, a Twitter user called out Kardashian for having the wrong motives when she posted the photo to begin with.

“Only Kim would use a demonstration to promote herself,” wrote the user. “Photoshop fail… Ready to march but 1st take a pic, make herself look thin while ignoring the physics of shrinking vehicle…”

The person added that Kardashian had “no shame” when she took and posted the photo.

Kardashian responded and disabled the comments for the photo so followers couldn’t share their opinions.

Are The Kardashian-Jenners a Photoshop Family?

Unfortunately for Kardashian and her famous family, they are no strangers to being called out for a Photoshop fail. Fans came for Khloe Kardashian less than a year ago after her Taco Tuesday Instagram post showcased a blurred belly line.

Followers also pointed out the alleged Photoshop fail of the youngest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. They blasted Jenner saying the belt loops on her Instagram photo promoting Fashion Nova jeans looked more than a little stretched. 

They even called out the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, for using a photo-enhancing service for Gordon Ramsay’s face a couple of years ago.

The Kardashians and Jenners have always denied altering the photos that they share with their millions of followers on social media.

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