Tiffany Haddish Not Here For Mo'Nique's Netflix Boycott? 'I Don't Live Her Life'

Tiffany Haddish has made it clear that she does not stand with her fellow comedienne, Mo’Nique, who called for a Netflix boycott after she said the streaming service discriminated against her during talks of a deal.

Here's Why Tiffany Isn't With Mo'Nique

Haddish spoke on Mo’Nique’s attempt to have fans end their subscriptions with Netflix in hopes of getting its attention. Haddish emphasized that she does not support Mo’Nique’s campaign.

“My business runs different than her business,” said Haddish during an interview with GQ recently. “I don’t live her life. I don’t have that husband of hers. I’m looking at how [Netflix] has opened up so many opportunities for black females and comedy.”

Haddish added that fans wouldn’t see her fight for a cause unless African-American lives are taken. She explained that she refused to boycott Netflix or protest anything simply because someone didn’t get the pay they requested. She suggested that Mo’Nique stop working with Netflix altogether.

Haddish went on to point out the ways that Netflix does support the Black community as well as other minority groups such as Hispanics and Asians despite its drama with Mo’Nique. Haddish reminded fans that the show that scored her her big break, The Carmichael Show, is now on Netflix after it premiered on NBC.

Tiffany Joins The Netflix Squad

Meanwhile, after getting major opportunities lately, Haddish landed her own deal with Netflix. She revealed that piece of information after one fan suggested that if Haddish ever inked a contract with the streaming service, she should thank Mo’Nique’s recent efforts. Haddish explained she had already signed on to a deal with Netflix even before Mo’Nique went public with her issues.

She said while it might not be the amount the veterans are getting, it’s more than enough for her to enjoy and be there for her family.

Mo’Nique responded to Haddish’s deal with Netflix.

“You’ve done nothing wrong my sister. You KEEP SHINING! I am proud of you. You keep doing what [you’re] doing. You are making it better for the next ones.”

Mo'Nique Continues Her Fight Against Netflix

Mo’Nique’s battle with Netflix started after the service offered her half a million for a standup special. She however pointed out that her counterparts such as Dave Chapelle, Amy Schumer, and Chris Rock were offered well into the millions for their standup specials.

Mo’Nique not only declined Netflix’s offer but also urged the service to be fair when she called for a boycott. While not everyone agreed with Mo’Nique’s stance, she certainly has not given up on it.

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