It’s been a while since reports swirled about T.I. and Tiny after they decided not to get divorced. Now, new rumors say the couple spent much of their vacation arguing over another guy.

T.I. And Tiny Argue Over Safaree's Robbery

It was none other than rapper Safaree Samuels. Thankfully for the couple, it wasn’t an argument about any infidelity. Instead, they had a different opinion on Samuels’ latest unfortunate event. Samuels, the ex of Nicki Minaj, was robbed at gunpoint earlier this week.

Apparently, Tiny and her husband didn’t agree on whether Samuels should have suffered the incident. They reportedly argued over T.I.’s public statement on the robbery in which he wrote “Cold world … get a sweater” along with the shrugging Emoji.

“T.I. and Tiny are enjoying family time on their trip to Mexico for the most part, but it hasn’t been perfect,” one insider said Thursday. “Last night, they got into it over Tip’s recent Instagram comment. He basically laughed at Safaree Samuels for getting robbed at gunpoint and Tiny was not happy about it. She’s not a Safaree fan, but she still thinks it was a bad look.”

The insider added that Tiny is convinced that what goes around will come around, and she reportedly doesn’t want T.I. poking fun at the incident to come back to haunt them. They also said Tiny wanted her husband to remove the comment, but he refused. They are said to have made up since then, despite the argument putting a slight damper on their vacation.

T.I. And Tiny Are All Good

Meanwhile, T.I. and Tiny seem to be going strong despite their latest spat. He supported her on The Great Xscape tour last fall, which was a major indication that they were back on good terms after she filed divorce in 2016. Tiny reunited with her Xscape group members for a tour that sold out arenas. She said earlier this year that the tour helped their marriage.

She confirmed that T.I. was back in her good graces amid the tour. She said she hoped that he liked the notion of her being strong and independent because she had every intention on continuing down that route. Tiny explained that being able to get out and do her own thing was a major help to her during their rocky moments. She said they were both fighting to make their marriage work.

T.I. and Tiny tied the knot in 2010 and have six children together.

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