Fans Let Taylor Swift Know They're Not Feeling Her Earth, Wind, And Fire 'September' Cover

Taylor Swift did a cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s iconic hit September. Unfortunately for the singer, fans made it clear they weren’t feeling it.

Taylor Changes The Lyrics For Her Boyfriend?

Swift might have had good intentions when she released the song and gave a nod to the group that presented her with a Grammy back in 2016. Still, fans didn’t see it that way. They went off on Twitter just moments after it hit the internet.

One fan pointed out that Swift changed the line from “the 21st night of September,” to “the 28th night of September.” Word is that’s the day she and her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, started dating.

One fan hinted that they cried because of the change.

More Critics Respond

Another said Swift went way too far with the cover.

One fan wrote that it sounds like a generic version of the original.

One tweeter said he’s completely ruined after listening to the song.

One joked that the cover was a ploy to get the attention of President Donald Trump’s drama.

A fan suggested they got physically sick after listening to the song.

One kept it simple and said they want their money back after purchasing the song.

Twitter wasn’t the only outlet that listeners used to come for Swift’s cover. Monique Judge of The Root had lots to say in her latest column. She first relayed her message in the title, “Taylor Swift Just Disrespected Earth, Wind & Fire With Her Cover of ‘September.’”

She added that she hoped Swift’s song was a joke for Friday the 13th. She went on to say that Swift, who she said “has all the range of dial tone,” doesn’t have the skill to perform or cover a song of the original caliber.

“Maurice White did not die for this,” said Judge.

White was a member of Earth, Wind, and Fire who passed away from Parkinson’s in 2016 at 74.

Fans Defend Swift

Still, not all fans on Twitter had something bad to say about Swift’s now controversial release.

One pointed out that other popular hits are covers as well.

Another said critics of the song can simply not listen to it.

One said Swift’s cover was revenge after Sean “P. Diddy” Combs covered a few rock songs himself.

Another pointed out that Swift’s cover isn’t the first.

Swift has yet to respond to the backlash.

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