Rihanna defeated the desert heat at Coachella when she wore a pair of thigh-high Ugg boots made of sheepskin. Although the singer marveled at the footwear, some were not so in awe of the slouchy design.

Risky Attire

RiRi is no stranger when it comes to daring and risky outfits and her day two attire for the music festival was no different. The singer paired the Ugg footwear, called the "Classic Extra Long Stiletto," with a caramel-colored sheer dress that revealed her bare chest.

The dress has a large knot tied around the waistline. Rihanna completed her getup with a diamond choker and stuck a glittering hair clip and a Gucci headband to her hair tied in a bun.

Rihanna wore the full look from Y/Project's Fall 2018 collection at Coachella which costs a hefty $1,380. The "Work" singer donned the outfit when she watched Beyoncé perform from the front row at Coachella.

The Ugg boots may look uncomfortable and unfit for the desert climate, because it climbs up to the crotch and covers the whole leg. However, Y/Project creative director Glenn Martens assured that it actually feels nice for anyone who wears it. He likens the feeling to having the full legs immersed in a "warm pot of butter."

Apparently, Rihanna loved the outfit so much that she took several photos of her wearing the collection. She shared the snaps to her 61.7 million followers on Instagram. She posed in different angles to display her whole attire.

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Fans' Reactions

The reactions over Rihanna's slouchy outfit at Coachella have been varied. Although she pulled off the baggy look so nonchalantly and called it "extra AF," fans still criticized the singer. The Ugg boots somewhat resemble the body of a Shar-Pei dog.

"This really fits the saying she would look good in a brown paper bag," one commentator joked.

"Bro lookin' like a coffee stain on bedsheets," another Instagram user commented and added several laughing emojis.

Another commentator thought the outfit does not suit Rihanna, while another fan simply said that it is a no for her. One fan also pointed out that the Ugg boots are her pants.

Regardless, there are also those who praised Rihanna for taking the risk and pulling off the attire. They called her whole getup as "stunning," "beautiful," "pretty." The singer slayed the Ugg boots, with one user commenting that she can make anything look good.