Amy Schumer Was Asked What Her Last Text From Jennifer Lawrence Was, And It's Hilarious

Amy Schumer revealed the last text message she received from pal Jennifer Lawrence during a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She also shared the exchange on social media for fans to see.

'Ellen's Burning Questions'

There is no question that Schumer and Lawrence have a special kind of bond that only real BFFs share. They understand each other when one has to suddenly bail out on a dinner date and this is exactly what happened between the pair.

The I Feel Pretty star participated in "Ellen's Burning Questions" during her guest appearance on the show. One of the questions was about the last text Schumer receive from her pal Lawrence. The comedian revealed that the X-Men actress texted her one night asking if she and her husband would like to grab dinner with her. Lawrence wanted to hang out with the newly married couple.

However, Lawrence decided to cancel at the last minute. Schumer was not even able to read her prior texts and send her one text reply.

"She said do you wanna get dinner tonight? Where are you right now? Never mind I can't get dinner I have other plans," Schumer tells DeGeneres.

Lawrence's Exact Message

Naturally, fans wanted to know if Schumer was not joking when she told DeGeneres about the text. They wanted to see for themselves what Lawrence sent to the stand-up comedian.

The Trainwreck star gave in to fans' request to see the text in question. She shared a screenshot of Lawrence's messages on her Instagram stories.

"What're you doing tonight? You and Chris wanna get dinner? Or hang?" reads Lawrence's first text.

"Also I'm about to go to the park," reads the Red Sparrow star's second text.

"Haha I can't get dinner tonight I have plans," reads Lawrence's last text and Schumer simply replied "Good talk."

It is interesting to see from the screenshot that Schumer also calls the Hunger Games alum as how fans call her. She has "Jlaw" stored in her contacts.

Aside from sharing a good sense of humor, Lawrence and Schumer are also passionate about creating their own movie. The duo has penned a screenplay together and Lawrence recently revealed that they have completed format. They did a table read in March. Now they are on the hunt for a director and planning on a release date.

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