The closing arguments for Bill Cosby’s retrial have been given. It’s safe to say Cosby’s legal team went for the jugular against his accuser.

The Defense Takes On Cosby Accuser

The defense committed to their strategy after they said Cosby’s main accuser, Andrea Constand, was a strategic “con artist” for the more than two weeks of testimony in the retrial. Cosby’s lawyers said Constand was looking for a payday and celebrity status when she filed her lawsuit against him in their final arguments.

They labeled Constand a “pathological liar” as they explained their thoughts on what they described as her “so-called assault.” They said that her story had so many holes in it that it should not be taken as fact.

“In a case like this, credibility becomes everything,” said one of Cosby’s lawyers, Tom Mesereau. “There’s so many big lies, they get lost. The number of lies start to drown out the others.”

They accused Constand of lying about basic things such as the nature of her connection and interactions with Cosby, how long she has known him, and the details of a cashmere sweater Cosby gifted her with.

They also pointed out that Constand received a portion of her settlement of $3.4 million during her civil case against Cosby back in 2006.

“She took the money, ran with the money. Her mom got money; her father got money. They’re all part of the settlement agreement. It’s one of the biggest highway robberies of all time.”

Cosby’s defense lawyers also said the handful of women who testified against Cosby were also out for his money.

Andrea's Lawyers Come For Bill's Defense

Constand’s lawyer, Kristen Feden, made her own claims against Cosby’s legal team and said they embodied “character assassination” as they accused Constand of having ill intentions in making her public claims Cosby. They said those types of accusations are what prevents sexual assault victims from speaking out, to begin with.

Still, prosecutors against Cosby also didn’t hold back as they tried to convince the jury to convict the disgraced comedian. Feden accused Cosby of using his fatherly and welcoming persona to get women to trust him, only to take advantage of them when they were most vulnerable.

She looked at Cosby and yelled at him that sexual assault is nothing to laugh at, referring to his life and career as an iconic comedian.

As for what’s next, jurors will start deliberating Wednesday.

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