Days after Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their youngest bundle of joy, the name is still up for debate, but did the patriarch slip his tongue on the royal baby's name?

The world rejoiced when news broke out that the Duchess of Cambridge delivered a healthy baby boy on Monday morning. Everyone's eyes were wide open as they await the first photos on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, where Middleton and Prince William traditionally pose for photographers before heading back home after delivery.

Guessing Game

Now that the royal baby was shown to the world and has been welcomed, it became a guessing game. For what, one might ask. For his name. Unlike some parents who already has a name for their child prior to leaving the hospital, Middleton and Prince William have yet to announce their youngest child's name.

During the ANZAC Day, Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer asked if the royalty liked to consider his first name, Alexander, for the royal baby's name.

"Funny you should say that — it's a good name. Prince Alexander does have a nice ring to it," Prince William said.

New Zealand's high commissioner Sir Jerry Mateparae also chimed in and suggested his first name, of course, for Middleton and Prince William's consideration.

"Jerry is a strong name, absolutely," Prince William exclaimed.


However, it's not a cause for worry. It should be noted that Prince William and Middleton announce their baby's name two days after the birth, the case for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

It has arguably become a big issue, which is not exactly shocking, considering the vast influence of the British royal family. Bookmakers already have revealed their favorite names, with Arthur on top of the list. Bettors also push for James, Albert, and Philip, but sad to say, not one of the mentioned names is quite near to what was hinted by Prince William.

That said, there is still no final word when it comes to the name. Prince William certainly did not reveal the name of the royal baby but just teased on some possibilities. However, what he did disclose was some fun facts about the newest addition to the family.

He said the royal baby was "behaving," and by that he meant sleeping "reasonably well."