Singer Ciara may be happy with her husband Russell Wilson, but she’s calling out the father of her son. She blasted Future for neglecting their child.

Ciara vs. Future

It’s been a while since fans heard of any drama between Ciara and her former fiancé, Future. Now, it looks like the rapper has been an absentee father when it comes to the three-year-old he has with Ciara.

Apparently, Ciara filed a claim against Future and accused him of skipping multiple scheduled visits with baby Future, TMZ reported Thursday, April 26. Ciara stated in court documents that Future missed 37 percent of the visits he was supposed to spend with the child.

The singer and model added that it’s an inconvenience as Future has a habit of canceling his time with baby Future just before they are scheduled to spend time together. This is reportedly infringing on Ciara’s schedule.

Ciara also accused Future of barely spending time with the child when baby Future does go to his home state, Georgia. She claimed the child spends more time with his grandmother or great-grandmother. She pointed out that she hardly gets to see her son over FaceTime when he’s in Georgia.

Interestingly enough, she said the extensive travel from Georgia to the West Coast, where Ciara lives, has started to put a strain on her and Future’s son’s health. She said the child often suffers emotional breakdowns while at school because of the hectic travel schedule he has based on Ciara and Future’s agreement.

Ciara’s plan is to take Future to mediation where they can agree on a timeframe for Future to see their child. This isn’t the first time Ciara has taken her ex to court.

They're No Strangers To A Courtroom

Fans might remember Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against Future last year. She took legal action against the rapper after he blasted her and Wilson, whom Ciara was dating at the time, on social media. Ciara accused Future of damaging her reputation with his allegedly defaming messages.

The case was ultimately dismissed “with prejudice,” preventing Ciara from filing similar claims. Interestingly enough, Future responded with a countersuit and said he had nothing to do with the lack of success in Ciara’s latest album, Jackie, which was released in 2015.

Now, Ciara is married to Wilson. The two welcomed their first child together, daughter Sienna Princess Wilson, last year.

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