Bill Cosby's Wife Camille On Her Husband's Conviction: 'This Is Mob Justice, Not Real Justice'


Camille Cosby, the wife of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, is calling an investigation into her husband's guilty verdict, alleging that the conviction was a result of media pressure or from mob justice.

Criminal Investigation

Camille made her thoughts known about Bill's guilty verdict over charges of sexual harassment and assault in a lengthy three-page statement posted on the actor's Facebook page. In it, she called for a criminal investigation into the Montgomery County district attorney's office of Kevin R. Steele and his "cohorts." Camille labeled them a "homogeneous group of exploitive and corrupt people, whose primary purpose is to advance themselves professionally and economically at the expense of Mr. Cosby's life." She called for an investigation to avoid having anyone else suffer the same fate as her husband's.

Bill's wife also alleged that the accuser, Andrea Constand, gave false testimony filled with "innumerable, dishonest contradictions." She stood by their lawyer's contention that Constand blackmailed the comedian for his money.

Mob Justice

The 74-year-old Camille also accused the media for the negative insinuations heaped on her husband's reputation that she said contributed to his fate in court. She claimed the guilty verdict was a decision influenced by the media.

"Once again, an innocent person has been found guilty based on an unthinking, unquestioning, unconstitutional frenzy propagated by the media and allowed to play out in a supposed court of law. This is mob justice, not real justice. This tragedy must be undone not just for Bill Cosby, but for the country," Camille wrote in her statement.

Camille also insinuated that Bill was prosecuted based on his race and compared him again to Emmett Till, a black 14-year-old who was killed in 1955 after he was wrongfully accused of leering at a white woman. Bill's publicist Ebonee Benson made the same comparison during an appearance on Good Morning America last week. Camille also compared her husband to other blacks mistreated by the justice system, including Darryl Hunt, an African-American who served 19 years in jail for a murder he did not commit. He was released from prison in 2004 after DNA cleared him of the 1984 crime.

Camille released her statement while Bill is on house arrest awaiting sentencing. The actor was released on bail. Bill was convicted of three felonies and he faces up to 10 years jail time for each felony.

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