Bill Cosby was convicted of three counts of sexual assault Thursday. Still, the comedian’s days in court aren’t over yet amid his fall from grace.

More Legal Woes For Bill

After facing accuser Andrea Constand after he sexually assaulted her in 2004, Cosby will have to do a deposition with Chloe Goins in her civil lawsuit against him. That case was put on pause while Constand’s case against Cosby continued. It is possible Goins lawsuit could move forward now that a jury has ruled in Constand’s case.

The next step is for both parties to undergo a deposition, said Goins’ lawyer Spencer Kuvin. He revealed his plans to request that a judge in California remove the stay on Goins’ case against Cosby, so they can continue their case and order Cosby to testify under oath.

The public might recall that Goins took legal action against Cosby with claims that he drugged her while they were partying at the infamous Playboy Mansion back in 2008. Goins was 18-years-old at the time. She said she woke up only to have Cosby sucking her toes while he groped himself. Kuvin said in light of Cosby’s conviction, they want to move forward with Goins’ case, despite Cosby’s team’s alleged plan to appeal.

“He has now been convicted and we will argue that any appeal has no bearing on allowing us to move forward with the deposition,” said Kuvin during his interview with Radar Online Thursday. “The only thing [Goins] has ever wanted was to see Bill Cosby behind bars – and now this will happen.”

He added that Goins doesn’t care if Cosby is going to jail for assaulting someone else, as long as the comedian serves his time for his actions.

Did The Actor Reach His Breaking Point?

Meanwhile, Constand has spoken out after winning her high-profile case in court Thursday. She addressed Cosby’s outburst after just after his conviction. Cosby reacted to the district attorney of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania’s request to not allow Cosby to be released on bail. They suggested Cosby was a flight risk.

Cosby broke his silence and yelled that he does not own a plane. He also allegedly screamed that he was “sick of” the prosecutor.

Constand said the outburst from Cosby wasn’t surprising as that was how she and his other accusers knew him to be. In the end, Cosby went home on bail but is under house arrest until his sentencing. His moment came days after a woman attacked him on the first day of the retrial.

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