Amy Schumer Crashes Up-And-Coming Comic’s Set To Practice ‘SNL’ Monologue

Amy Schumer is very nervous about her Saturday Night Live hosting gig. She took to the Broadway stage to practice her monologue.

Taking The Stage

She isn't taking no for an answer either, turning up unannounced at Carolines on Broadway on Tuesday night and interrupting up-and-coming comic Brendan Sagalow midway through his headlining act.

"She basically came in and went to the manager and asked if she could get up [on stage]. The manager said Brendan has just gotten up. She asked for 10 minutes and the manager was explaining how he was doing a long set," an insider recounted.

When the manager remained resistant to her pleas, the I Feel Pretty star had the perfect response.

"But, I'm Amy Schumer!" she argued.

After reportedly approaching another comic scheduled to perform that night and demanding to know who Sagalow was, even though Schumer follows him on Instagram, she was told that his friends and family were there and that this was a big deal to him.

Their protests didn't deter Schumer, though, as, according to the insider, she proceeded to barge right up onstage.

In a video now deleted from the comedy club's Instagram page, Schumer can be heard telling Sagalow who she is and requesting a quick 10 minutes on stage. The up-and-comer welcomed her to the stage happily.

"It was pretty f-ked up, but I think it was pretty amazing," the insider noted.

Another audience member confirmed Schumer went down well, but that Sagalow did even better when he returned to the stage, despite the interruption.

Nothing To See Here

Sagalow recounted the experience himself, on his podcast, putting an entirely positive spin on it. He explained how happy he was that Schumer knew who he was at all, and acknowledged that any connection to her could help his career.

Although others told him he should be mad at the comedian, Sagalow argued that nobody else was talking about a headlining set at Carolines, so he took it as a blessing.

He confirmed this with Page Six, telling them he thought it was awesome, and that the interruption didn't throw him off one bit.

According to a source, Schumer warned him because the two are good friends.

Schumer is hosting SNL for the second time. A recent teaser for the upcoming appearance finds her turning down dinner with Denzel Washington due to a prior commitment to do charity work before giving viewers a tongue-in-cheek look at the behind the scenes of the famous sketch show.

Kacey Musgraves will be the musical guest on the penultimate show of the season.

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