Amy Schumer Reveals Her Ex Boyfriend Raped Her: 'I Lost My Virginity While I Was Asleep'

Amy Schumer got candid in an interview where she talked about her past relationships and mentioned that she lost her virginity while she was asleep.

Gray-Area Rape

Schumer told Oprah Winfrey in her OWN Super Soul Conversations series that she lost her virginity after her ex-boyfriend "raped" her. The comedian recalled the experience during a conversation about "grey-area rape." She said it happened when she was 17 and when she and her boyfriend were not yet at the stage in their relationship where they have talked about having sex.

"I didn't consent, and for me, I lost my virginity while I was asleep and that's not OK," Schumer told Winfrey.

The "I Feel Pretty" star said she felt conflicting emotions after it happened. Her boyfriend's initial response was "I thought you knew," and she felt the need to comfort him because he felt bad. She also did not report him since she loved him.

On the other hand, Schumer revealed that she also felt really angry at him, a feeling that she said "stayed" with her. However, she chose to push her anger down to comfort him.

"I don't think you lose that. As women, we're really trained not to get angry because that makes people dismiss you right away," the comedian explains.

Schumer and her boyfriend stayed together and eventually had consensual sex. However, the experience scarred her so much that she often talks about it in her stand-up routines. The Trainwreck star said it is her way of telling people about gray-area rape while also trying to make them laugh.

"In my stand-up, I would say if she's asleep that's a no," Schumer told Winfrey and added that she personally feels like she lost her virginity through rape.

Abusive Relationship

In the same interview, the 36-year old also talked about a past abusive relationship that left her afraid for her life. Schumer told Winfrey that the man physically hurt her. She remembered the incidents when he hit her head because he did not realize how hard he had grabbed her, shook her, or pushed her. Schumer recalled running away from him because she was scared for her life.

However, despite the pains she experienced, Schumer said that she still loved him. She stuck by his side even though he made her feel that she was unlovable and that he was the only person who could ever possibly love her.

"You don't choose to fall in love with someone who hurts you, and you can be in love with someone who hurts you," Schumer said.

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