Carrie Underwood gave her first television interview after going on a healing hiatus on Thursday's episode of Today and opened up about her tragic fall with host Hoda Kotb.

Freak Accident

Underwood recalled the terrifying moment and described it as a "freak accident" that happened while she was out letting her dogs do their business. The "Cry Pretty" star explained how a simple misstep led to her broken wrist and a face injury that required over 40 stitches.

"I just fell. I just tripped... So it could have happened to anybody. I say if I'd fallen anywhere else it wouldn't have been a problem, but there was just one little step that I went to catch myself on, and I missed," Underwood said.

The accident filled the Grammy-winning country singer with uncertainties and sources claimed that she even had nightmares about her fall. The experience made her an emotional wreck.

"In the beginning, I feel like I didn't know how things were gonna end up. It just wasn't pretty," the 35-year-old Underwood added.


Meanwhile, other insiders claimed that Underwood had insecurities about how her face looks different after she had the surgery. The accident reportedly left her feeling anxious. The only thing she could focus on every time she would look in the mirror is the scar from her scary fall.

Underwood herself admitted to Kotb that she was anxious about re-joining the public because she feared that people would creep up on her, take her picture and post it on social media. She worried that they would freak out when they see her.

However, a closer look at her face does not reveal anything less different from how she originally looked. Kotb complimented the singer and said that she still looks as amazing as ever. Underwood credits her team of makeup artists who she jokingly said are professionals when it comes to "spackle and paint and paste."

Underwood took time away from the spotlight following the accident to focus on her healing. She also went on social media hiatus. She even penned a letter to her fans telling them in advance that she might look a bit different after the surgery. Underwood also joked that her 3-year-old son Isaiah might find her face scary.

However, Underwood admitted that she is feeling back to normal. She also revealed that she used her accident as a teachable moment for her son. She would tell Isaiah that it is not safe to play on the stairs because he "might get a boo-boo."