Andrew Garfield has a first kiss story to rival practically everybody else's on the planet. The Spider-Man star reveals all in a juicy late-night chat.

Kept In Check

Garfield, who guested on The Late Show on Tuesday night, told the host, Stephen Colbert, how he spent his young pre-teenage years at a strict, all-boys prep school in Surrey, England.

After moving into a co-ed environment at the age of 13, right when his hormones started raging, the Tony-nominated actor admitted he had no idea how to handle himself -- along with every other boy in the school.

"Everyone's hormones are raging and we have no framework of how to deal with the opposite sex ... All we know is that we need it and we want it," he revealed.

The Night Everything Changed

On the night in question, one of their female classmates hosted a party while her parents were out of town. Everybody received an invitation, and it didn't take long for the action to unfold.

"It was about 50 young boys and girls on separate sides of this garden and no parental supervision. Suddenly, it was like a scene from Braveheart, [everyone was] charging at each other! ... Tongue first!" he described the debauched teen madness.

The two-time Spider-Man explained to Colbert that that night was his first kiss, but it wasn't just one lucky girl who changed his life forever.

"That was my first kiss, and I think that night I kissed 30 ... girls! This isn't me showing off; it was a free-for-all. It was like a royal rumble. And it remains one of the best nights of my life!" he gushed.

The 34-year-old actor was quick to note that he had pecked girls on the lips before, but that night was the first time he'd ever French kissed anyone. He acknowledged it as a mass sexual awakening for him and his buddies.

Garfield, who's still friends with several of his old schoolmates, admitted they still reminisce about the night in question. It was that life-changing.

The actor is on the promotional circuit for Under The Silver Lake, David Robert Mitchell's highly-anticipated follow-up to the horror hit It Follows, which just played at Cannes.

The trippy film has divided critics, with many calling it a homage to David Lynch while others claim it's borderline misogynist and empty.