Kendra Wilkinson takes to Twitter to let fans know her divorce from Hank Baskett is getting ugly. The reality star delivers a series of missives.

Things Take A Nasty Turn

The reality star and ex-Playboy model went on social media on Tuesday to live-tweet a fight she and Baskett were supposedly having.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Wilkinson alleged that the former football player, among other things, recorded her without her consent during their heated exchange.

"Why is Hank recording me right now. Please tell him to leave me alone and stop," she wrote.

Over the course of her rant, the Girls Next Door star made several explosive claims against her ex, including the fact that he blames her for the untimely demise of his sporting career.

Wilkinson also claimed that Baskett holds her responsible for his allegedly being unfaithful while she was carrying their second child, Alijah. Baskett denied engaging in any sexual activity with a transgender model back in 2014, but the cheating scandal rocked his relationship with Wilkinson.

The reality star advised followers that she was trying to move out of their shared home as soon as possible, but that Baskett was trying to rile her up by recording her, which Wilkinson claims is what set her off in the first place.

After deleting her tweets, she returned to Twitter to explain that she felt threatened by being recorded. Wilkinson added that she feels she tried her absolute hardest with Baskett and felt drained as a result. She swiftly deleted these tweets too.

A Long And Difficult Process

According to an insider, the ex-football player has been taking shots at his former wife to get a rise out of her. Baskett is jealous because he doesn't want to see Wilkinson with anybody else.

"He knows what bothers her most. He sees that she is trying to move on and wants to date again, and it's something that triggers him," the source told E! News.

Although one source claimed the two were getting along fine, another warned there are more fights to come. According to the latter, their divorce has been pretty nasty thus far and there is considerable bad blood between Baskett and Wilkinson.

The Kendra on Top star is turning to her friends for support, with an insider advising that they're doing their best to distract her and keep her out of the house. Wilkinson has also been spending plenty of time with her children in the wake of the split.

She filed for divorce in April after almost nine years of marriage. She and Baskett share two children, daughter Alijah, and son Hank Baskett IV.

At the time of announcing their breakup, Wilkinson took to social media to let fans know she and Baskett would still be spending a lot of time together because there were no bad feelings between them. She even thanked her soon-to-be ex-husband for the many happy years they spent together.