One of the all-time greatest showbiz mysteries finally comes to an end. After months of speculation, Tiffany Haddish reveals who bit Beyonce.

The Culprit's Identity Revealed

The comedian and Girls Trip star originally made the throwaway comment in a GQ profile, suggesting that, at a glittery Hollywood party last year, a fellow actress had the audacity to bite Queen Bey's face.

Although Beyoncé herself didn't see fit to punish the woman, who was allegedly heavily intoxicated at the time, it was clear Haddish herself was ready to throw down. Likewise, the Beyhive made efforts to figure out who the culprit could be.

One suspect that kept cropping up again and again was actress Sanaa Lathan, star of Love & Basketball. Although Lanthan denied it was her on social media, Haddish revealed all in a THR profile.

When prompted by the interviewer, she reportedly smiled knowingly.

"I'm super good friends with her stepmom and her dad, and they were mad at me. ... [They were like] Why would you try to ruin her career?' But I didn't try to ruin her career. I never said her name!" admitted Haddish.

Going From Strength To Strength

By the Girls Trip star's admission, she was purely telling the story to illustrate how Beyonce was good enough to stop her from ruining her career by getting in a very public Hollywood brawl.

"[Beyoncé] was like,'Tiffany, no. Don't do that. That b**ch is on drugs. ... She not like that all the time. Just chill," she explained at the time.

Although social media went crazy following Haddish's comments, she told THR that, rather than negatively impacting her social life, she actually found herself more in demand. As the actress sees it, people just want her to show up and cause a scene so they can get more press and be thrust back into the limelight.

The wide-ranging THR profile charts straight-talking Haddish's meteoric rise from breakout star of Girls Trip to coast-to-coast gigs doing standup and shooting movies.

She's set to host the MTV Movie & TV Awards on June 18, for which her favorite, white Alexander McQueen gown is expected to make another appearance.

The previews for the show note how 38-year-old Haddish paved her way outside of the Hollywood system, something she's proven once again in dealing with the #WhoBitBeyonce drama.