Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about her devastating hair loss. The actress and mother admitted her fashionable hair wraps are actually necessities.

Keeping It Real

The Girls Trip star, who is 46, opened up about the situation in the latest episode of her Facebook chat show, Red Table Talk. The actress revealed she may be suffering from alopecia and was scared when the hair loss began.

"It was terrifying when it first started. I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, 'Oh my god, am I going bald?'" she admitted.

Smith was candid about why she decided to cut her hair short.

"It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking in fear. That's why I cut my hair, and why I continue to cut it," she said.

Rediscovering Her Identity

The mother-of-two debuted a stylish new asymmetrical bob back in January. Since then, she has kept her hair mostly under wraps with a series of glamorous headwraps and turbans.

Echoing her hilarious character from Magic Mike XXL, Smith said the accessories make her feel like a queen.

Although the actress and singer doesn't know the cause of her hair loss, alopecia or stress may be contributing to it. Thus far, no expert has been able to give her a concise explanation.

Smith was candid about how much her hair contributes to her overall identity.

"My hair has been a big part of me. ... Having the choice to have hair or not. And then one day to be like, 'Oh my god, I might not have that choice anymore," she admitted, in reference to several wild hairstyles she rocked over the years.

Tackling The Big Topics

The conversation, which Smith conducted with her mother, Adrienne Canfield Norris, and teenage daughter Willow Smith, who released the hit single "Whip My Hair" back in 2010.

The interview started off with the actress admitting she received many questions about why she has been wearing turbans.

The episode is the third in a miniseries, which also covered coping with loss, motherhood, and body image. Willow even admitted she self-harmed as a child following the release of her debut single.

Although Smith finds discussing her hair loss difficult, she has faith in a higher power and acknowledges that people living with cancer or sick children inspire her to find the strength to carry on.