While scars fade over time, the experiences that caused them sometimes linger.

Sometimes it's embarrassing, sometimes it's from something dangerous, sometimes it's a surprising story that will make people jaws drop. 

Celebrities are known for their almost-perfect physical appearance, but they also get scars because they're human too. While looking beautiful is not a top requirement to become an A-list celebrity, it certainly does help. 

We've rounded up nine famous celebrities with physical stars.   

Kylie Jenner's Leg Scar

Even the youngest self-made billionaire has imperfections. The cosmetics mogul has never been shy about taking pictures. Her leg scar came from an accident during a hide-and-seek game.

Jenner usually shows it off, though!

Joaquin Phoenix's Cleft Lip

With or without the scar, it's undeniable that the Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix is exceptionally gorgeous. 

Phoenix was born with a barely-noticeable cleft lip deformity. If you look closely at his pictures, you can see that there's a little line just above his lip and below his nose -- just beside the cupid's bow. 

Sandra Bullock's Eye Scar

The actress has a barely noticeable scar near her eye. Casting in numerous action films in the past, it's lucky she has never gotten herself injured.

The discoloration was actually from a bad fall that happened when she was a child. According to her story, she jumped from one creek to another, and unfortunately, slipped and fell. 

If you watch Bullock's movies and review her photos, it isn't clearly visible. Thanks to makeup and photo editing, the scar was hidden. Photo manipulating has been a trend in Hollywood. Luckily for Bullock, she doesn't need that much editing at all. 

Jonah Hill's Arm Scar

Jonah Hill admitted that he hasn't been a good kid back then. During a night out with friends, they snuck out the SUV. As his friend drove around and jokingly swerved the car, it unfortunately flipped. 

The actor's arm was out the window the entire time it happened, and it was trapped there as the car skidded to a stop. 

Sarah Hyland's Kidney Transplant Scar

The Modern Family star has been very open about her trandsplant scar. In fact, she has been seen showing off multiple abdomen scars.

At the age of 21, she had a transplant after suffering from a chronic kidney condition. Thankfully, Hyland has gotten better now, and we will see her rocking the screen for a lot more years. 

Prince William's Faint Scar

Prince William has a scar? It's barely noticeable at all. Apparently, he has a faint scar above his left eye, which he calls his "Harry Potter" scar. 

When he was 13, the royal was accidentally hit with a golf puck, which resulted in a permanent scar on his face. However, that didn't stop the ladies from wanting him, especially the gorgeous Duchess Kate Middleton. 

Queen Latifa's Forehead Scar

Queen Latifa's forehead scar is an example of a tag game gone wrong. She has never covered it up and has never tried to hide it. Luckily, it has never gotten in the way of her career. 

Perry Edwards' scar lining 

When Little Mix's Perrie Edwards was still a kid, she had a surgery to correct a problem with her esophagus. She used to hide it, but she has become more and more comfortable in her own skin. 

Princess Eugenie's Long Spine Scar

The Queen's granddaughter promoted body positivity and confidence during her wedding day. She showed off a long scar that follows her spine, which came from a scoliosis surgery when she was younger. 

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